Top 5 Factors To Consider While Designing A Website

By Nick Rigby | Advice

Sep 04

How often do you mull upon the importance of a good website?  Does it really add value to your business?  How is a website going to affect your company turnover?


Indeed, seeking answers to these and a host of several other queries will lead you to consider building or revamping your website.  It definitely is a proven fact, that a well-designed, easy to use website can and does impact customer traffic which in turn does aid in higher profits.  This in turn will aid in the overall growth of your online business.  Let’s not forget, that a good, informative and user friendly website not only helps project your establishment as one that is professional, but also helps retain existing clients and expand your customer base.  Customer retention is the key factor in growth and development of your venture.

A website should be designed to do several things at one glance.  Some of these being detailing your services and products; convey your business ethics; look professional and user friendly.  Point to be noted here, your website functions as your brand ambassador.

In view of these, there are 5 factors to consider while designing a website:

  • Navigation

The most crucial part of a website is the navigation.  Keeping in mind that a website navigation is a list of tags that demarcates the pages of the website.  Always ensure that this primary search tool is easy to use and understand.  It will enhance your customer base.

On the contrary, an overly fancy navigation bar will only turn away potential customers.  Simple and sweet is what works best here.

  • Consistent Brand Design

Care must be taken to ensure that your brand design or logo along with the catch lineremains the same across your pages.  Right from the colours used, to the font, everything should remain identical.  Your customers should be able to recognize your brand at a single glance.  Always remember, that there is comfort in familiarity.  Even a slight change, can be reason enough for your existing client to take a step back and think, if he or she wants to go ahead with the deal.

  • Content Matter

This is the make or break point for your online business venture. It is the content in your website, that positions your company and conveys your business premise. Website content should be concise, precise, meaningful.  The client should be made to feel important which in turn will make him want to transact with you.

Keep in mind that an overly cluttered website that tries to say and do too much only ends up frustrating the user.  The end result being, the client moves on to your competitor.  Not a very ideal scene, this.

  • Generic Reading Patterns (What catches your attention) along with the role of SEO

It is a known fact that, reading from top to bottom with matter placed from left to right provides optimum comfort.  So, quite natural then, to place the vital information on the topmost left-hand side of the page.  This will ensure visibility alongwith effective communication of your business idea/services.

The double benefit of designing your website in this manner is that it also works to enhance search engine optimization, which in turn helps bring up your website faster, thereby ensuring that your venture remains in the limelight.

  • Ensure that your client Trusts you

Trust as a key factor, works wonders.  Customers have to trust you enough, to continue dealing with you.  It is the feel good factor without which, you can be assured that your business will go nowhere. Effective communication and marketing techniques, where you seek out what your customer needs or is looking for and implementing these makes the client feel important enough.  This done, the customer now trusts you to provide him with his requirements, which in turn ensures that he continues to deal with you even in the future.

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