Sep 11

Become A Better Web Designer In No Time – Essential Tips

By Nick Rigby | Advice

Web design is not just a career path, it is a way of life. If you want to become a successful web designer in Brisbane, Australia, you will have to deal with the fact that there are many web designers in this part of the world. This is why you will have to struggle with competition, but there are ways in which you can beat them.

How To Beat Your Competition?

why-you-should-choose-a-web-designerIt is true that there are many web designers in Brisbane, however that doesn’t mean you will have to give up on your dream of becoming a successful web designer. On the contrary, all you have to do is take yourself seriously and learn a lot about web design & WordPress. Learning will help you expand your horizons and you will become better at what you do. For some people, it takes years to advance, to learn, to design, to increase adequate measure of experience and information that will in the end make you a true WordPress web designer. However, if you want to get there more quickly, these tips might help.

Find Inspiration!


Find your inspiration in nature, people, things that surround you and your imagination. You can use all shapes and colors, how liberating that is! Just think of all the possibilities, give yourself time and in time you will most definitely be able to increase your design capacities. Another way to do get inspiration is to look for portfolios of other website designers, definitely the ones using WordPress as a CMS. Screenshot the ones you like and you can come back to them if need be.

Can You Recognize Quality?

It will be easier for you to become a better web designer once you are able to recognise true quality. This is why you have to ask yourself whether you are able to detect quality design and recognise what makes it good. If you are able to do so, with other people’s designs, it will make it increasingly easier for you to work on your design and enhance them.

What Should You Do With Ideas?

main1Being a web designer requires that you go through a creative process. This means that at certain points in time you will have a bunch of ideas, whereas at other points in time you may not be so inspired. This is why it is important for you to remember that you should note down the ideas you have. There will be periods of intense creativity, and you should better use them wisely. I would recommend having a sketchbook where are you will be able to note down of the ideas you have.


hand reaching images streaming from the deep

As a web designer you are probably aware that many of the popular designs are recycled, that they have been inspired by something or reused. Once you will learn how to look at design and see how they are recycled it will be golf so if you’re for you to use some of your old designs and create a unique stamp.

Sep 11

Make It As A Web Designer In Brisbane – Look At These Tips!

By Nick Rigby | Default

If you want to make it as the web designer in Australia, you might need a lot of patience. Namely, many young and talented web designers give up from finding work as a web designer because there are so many talented web designer out a that it is really impossible to expect that you will earn money this way, particularly very early on.

Brisbane Web Ideas

If you want to make it as a web designer in Brisbane more particularly, you may have to deal with the fact that there are many web designers in this part of the world, as well as many web designers design-sliderwork from other parts of the world where the significance and value of one dollar varies significantly. This is why in order to succeed you will have to work on other aspects of your web designing skills and give yourself sufficient amount of time in order to build your reputation. Once you have a recognised style you will work much easier.

Mind The Content

The very best advice we have for web designers who create entire websites is that quality content is really means a lot in SEO. In addition to that, design and content should be of certain quality if you want to succeed. Therefore, shabby design can ruin even the most quality content, and vice versa: an awfully written content can definitely make you lose customers even if your design is impeccable. If you do not work with content, but mainly focus on your design, you may find yourself in position where it you are not able to work alone in the SEO world, and you will have to rely on others to do this work for you.

Web Designers Must Always Improve

web-design-high-quality-pngAs a web designer you must be willing and prepared to always work on your skills and constantly improve. You must also be prepared to work for our work on improving one design. In addition to that, it is important that you will learn how to establish communication with your client and ask them for their opinion. Ultimately, the opinion is what counts and if you are the uncertain of what whether your client is satisfied or not with your design, then you are not communicating with your client as you are supposed to. In the end, it all boils down to what your client really wants and needs. If your client is not satisfied with your work you should be prepared to change it in order to satisfy your client. Do not insist on your design, in order to make your client satisfied. In that respect, it may be required that you are willing to sacrifice the design you have put a lot of effort in in order to make your client satisfied.

Sep 11

Brisbane Web Design Specialists Share Their Secrets To Success

By Nick Rigby | Web Design

If you live in Brisbane you probably know that there are many web designers in this area of the world, as well as managing web designers who are willing to work at a lower price.

Brisbane And Web Design

If you are looking for a job as a web designer in Brisbane you might have to step your game up in order to find work. Some of the leading specialists in web design have shared some of the thoughts and ideas they have about web design which may steer you in the right direction.

Mark, 32 – Web Designer – On How To Create A Signature Style

responsivewebdesign-450x300We have discussed this topic with Mark, a 32-year-old web designer who works in Brisbane as a freelance web designer and he said that much of his work is in for a bike its signature style. He also recommends creating your own style in order to attract customers. ‘I have struggled for a long time were I have owned my registered at the market. I have seen many others who struggle with finding their own personal style. However, once I have found my signature style I can say that it has attracted many customers. Also, my design are well recognised in the web design world and people come back for my designs in particular. This only proves that my designs are well recognised and the aesthetics I use is certainly appealing to many people’.

Charlotte 29- Web designer, Brisbane – On Failure

web-design-image-pageFor some web designers it may be difficult to deal with the lack of work. With the market being so vast, it may be difficult to find jobs because there are many of those will offer a service is at a lower price. Charlotte explains ‘I have struggled for years trying to find a steady job as a web designer. Finally I realised that this never going to happen. The freelance market is very frightening. There are many talented young web designers who are willing to lower the prices of the designs they make and it makes it practically impossible to earn money and find engagement. Still, I believe that you mustn’t give up. I have constantly work on my career ever since, and even though it took me while I can now proudly say that I am a successful freelance web designer and that the quality of my web designs certainly sets me apart from the sea of web designers you can find online’.

Is there anything else you would like to learn about web design? Right that in the comments section below, we will try to answer all the questions you may have and we will much appreciate your contribution.

Sep 06

A Brief History Of Web Design.

By Nick Rigby | Web Design

Necessity, the mother of all inventions

Computer networking intrigued scientists who were willing to explore ways of communication through computer and internet. The idea of being able to connect information and knowledge database all over the world must surely have fascinated technology enthusiasts and computer scientists alike.

Several initiatives were made out of necessity to connect and link geographically displaced researchers and also to make their study papers and knowledge available throughout the net.

Role of Tim Berners-Lee in web design.

Around 1980’s, a physics research facility in Europe paved the way for using internet.

Tim Berners-Lee, a computer scientist today known for inventing the World Wide Web, was then working on a hypertext project. Using the HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) for communication, he established the first successful communication between a client and a server via the internet

From the ‘Text only’ mode to Mosaic Browser

The first browsers were mostly UNIX based and therefore heavily text based pages. Not much of images and sound were found in these browsers and no integrated approach was used.

Mosaic browser otherwise known as NCSA Mosaic broke this trend bringing multiple interfaces. It used protocols like FTP, NNTP and gopher. This browser began to code more common protocols that further popularized web design.

The Netscape Browser

Around 1999, Andreessen formed the Netscape Communications. This brought in the trend of using a variety of HTML tags which were different from the traditional processes. Several changes were made. For instance one version of Netscape could let you change colors in the background as well as the text colors.

Release of the open source license was the milestone in web design evolution. Open source license refers to the license given openly so that millions of web developers out there can participate in designing. This brought in a surge of creativity and allowed complexity to dominate the web design scene.  Australia and its web designers played a fairly good role in this era.

Eventually Netscape lost to Microsoft. But in the years to come, many more dominance wars were about to be fought.

The browser war dominance

The Browser war refers to the war fought between Microsoft and Netscape around 1996-99. Many new technological advancements and routine addition of new features were made and these wars continue till date to dominate the internet industry.

As competition increased, better features began to evolve and web design also took shape in the years to come.

Development of varied skills

Ever since, web designing has taken many shapes and forms owing to its extensive use. It began to be used by different end users from various departments and fields like education, business, scientific researches, social science scholars and millions of other browsers and end users.

Web design is inclusive of both development and maintenance of websites. Along with it, several aspects like web graphic design, interface design, user experience design and search engine optimization is also inclusive.

Some of the best web design developers are now available in Australia who are making a world of difference in this field.